Agent on the Go

Are you an agent who is always on the go? At BHG, our agents are constantly busy and moving. As a result, they know how to multi-task to the fullest- working while showing, showing while working! We asked them to give one tip to other agents on the go that has saved them while out in the field…

-If you're an agent on the go, have a CRM with an outstanding i-phone app. When you have time between appointments and you’re waiting for your next client to arrive, you can sit down, open your app and knock out all of your to-do tasks for the day (send out any properties and see if you have any prospects to follow up with). This gives you the ability to utilize that time between showings.

-Setup an automatic email that goes to you any time there is a new members only listing. That way, you’ll get a message in your inbox from MLS whenever a new listing is available- it can save you in the field!

-When scheduling showings with your client, make sure you have vacant homes scheduled on your tour. That way, if you are ahead of schedule you can fill in the extra time with a home that doesn’t require a specific showing time. Some clients look at a home for a few minutes before they’re ready to move on to a new house or, if they’re loving a home, they might spend some extra time there. Scheduling vacant homes gives you the flexibility you need to keep the tour fun and engaging. If you can't see vacant homes at that time, give them a neighborhood tour and show them the highlights. Remember to have fun with your clients while showing them a bigger picture of the neighborhood. 

-Do what you say you’re going to do. Follow up with people, call them back, respond to emails and texts. Be the reliable agent that people know and trust. 

-When you have a tour scheduled around listings that don’t have the best cell reception, add the destinations in your map before you head out. That way, you and your clients won't have to stress about where to go. 

-Before you write an offer, CALL THE LISTING AGENT! Get the information- what’s their priorities, do they need a rent back, what’s the story of the sellers? Get that information to help you create the perfect offer that will get accepted. 

Want more tips? Watch our video below for all the information on how to be an agent in the know while on the go.

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